Install messages: do it yourself, or ask us

Our messages can be placed on any device or phone system.

Do it your self

First of all we would like to point out that "" is just a recording studio specialising in the production of messages for phone use, it is thus not a system integrator company.

However, thanks to agreements with some telephone installers, we can provide an optional extra service that lets you request the loading of ordered messages directly to the memory of your telephone set (see additional service on the quote request form.)

On this page we would, however, like to provide help for those who prefer to deal with this aspect independently or with the help of their installer.

It is possible to install our messages on all of the following categories of equipment.
Click on your device to find out how to replace audio messages.

Ask us (extra service)

In addition to receiving the recording, we will upload the message directly to the switchboard's or voicemail's memory. This is often possible remotely, without the need for a visit.
It is useful to know what switchboard / answering machine you are using.


This extra service is not available for physical voicemails within a company that do NOT have a remote control/operation function. If you want to be sure that your device has this feature, consult the user manual or contact our pbx expert, specifying the brand and model.

ATTENTION: the service only provides for loading the message to memory, it does not include switchboard/voicemail programming. We also strongly advise you to ensure the content of the message ordered makes sense and is compatible with the features of your switchboard/voice mail. TELEPHONEVOX.COM cannot be held responsible in the event that the content of the messages ordered is not compatible with the features of the device on which they will be installed.