Install messages: do it yourself, or ask us

Physical PBX system in company, without remote management /
control function

If you are dealing with a PBX system, before ordering any messages from us, you are advised to check yourself or consult with your installer to see if your PBX allows you to use messages with texts you have in mind. To prepare the texts of the messages you need to know, for example, how long they can be and, above all, you need to know exactly how the system behaves when the caller presses a particular key. Basically you have to know how the so-called "ivr" was designed / programmed, that is, the tree of the various messages in cascade. Thus, check these aspects to prepare the texts of the messages in a way that does not make them conflict with the functions of your PBX.


If your system is not equipped with a remote management/control function, you cannot upload audio messages by yourself, because you require the assistance of a professional installer to access the memory of the PBX. Then
• prepare the texts of the messages that you would like to order from us
• order the recordings using the online form on our website.
• give our recordings to your installer who will load them in the memory of the PBX

You are no longer in contact with the installer?
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