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Technical data For all pbx/telephone exchange

You can choose the form in which you receive audio messages.
We will deliver the recording within 48 hours of payment!

Available audio formats

Extensions: wav; mp3; vox; ulaw; alaw and adpcm
Sampling frequencies: 6000 Hz / 6053 Hz / 8000 Hz / 8117 Hz / 11025 Hz / 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz
Resolutions: 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit

Telephone Vox can actually save your recordings in many lesser-used formats, so if you can't see your required format listed, please get in touch!

Don't know the audio format of your PBX? Not a problem. When ordering, just specify the brand of your PBX and we'll tell you the most suitable audio format for your telephone system! Below are the logos of the main certified devices.

Traditional physical telephone exchange
Cloud telephone exchange
Traditional physical voicemail
Cloud voicemail

Messages will be sent via email and available in your user area. It is not a problem if you fail to enter the correct format! You can ask us to return the order in a different format at any time. It's free!