How we work We are Iso 9001 certified

Discover in this 2-minute video the inside of a professional recording room and a voice talent at work.

The work and the project

We have organised our work in line with precise procedures, having computerised all manual operations so that our time can be used firstly for thinking and then acting. We have so much more time now to monitor and improve our production process, and even more time to dedicate to our customers and voiceover talents.

Selection of voices

It is our firm belief that in order to guarantee optimal results and competitive prices, the first and most important aspect has to be our choice of voiceover talents. We receive dozens of CVs every year which our manager analyses carefully. Today our archive is made up of high-profile voice over talents only. Such a selection, supported by strict quality controls and a complex evaluation process, allows us to find the best qualified professionals who are immediately available for each type of message.

Planning the order

For every job, be it big or small, we enter a record into an electronic availability calendar and this allows us to accurately and reliably set the project's delivery date. We subsequently draw up the production specifications, developing the means by which voiceover talents and sound engineers will be able to interact, improve their output and reduce the likelihood of errors. Voiceover talents are automatically notified of the new order on the basis of the contact preferences specified in the order form. Normally the recording is already being processed within a matter of a few hours. If there are special delivery procedures, all the voiceover talents will deliver their work by email. Our email server (entirely overseen by us in order to ensure confidentiality and certainty in the receiving and sending of mail) has an anti-virus program that is updated weekly.

Quality control

Basic spelling and grammar checks are carried out on every order in addition to the checking of diction, cleanness and voice clarity. More than 50% of orders are scrutinised by a reviewer who will evaluate the voiceover talent's work and that of the sound engineer and then assign a quality rating. This will help to identify the capabilities of every employee.

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