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We have created an affiliate programme, dedicated to all operators in the telephony sector, with a view to offering them the opportunity of benefiting from preferential prices and the possibility of reselling our service using a variety of tools.

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WARNING: only the following categories may participate:
System integrators; VARs; resellers; design studios; integrators; installers; remote installers; telecoms operators; hardware and software retailers; software houses, and all those who, under the current trade legislation, are authorised, as a result of their being registered with the Chamber of Commerce, to resell and assemble electrical and electronic equipment in general, including hardware and software.

If you fall under any of the above categories, registering with our affiliate program will provide added value to your services and allow you to widen your offer; you will also save the time wasted in handling these requests and dealing with overdue or inaccurate suppliers, and that lost through having to handle the processes associated with authors' and publishers' associations etc...

What does the affiliate program offer?

1st benefit

Any company that joins our affiliate program benefits from a substantial discount; in this way it can make the mark-up it deems appropriate and it will be easy to resell the service by presenting a list of our voices and musical backing tracks through this anonymous page
2nd benefit

By subscribing to the affiliate program, you can sell audio messages to your customers for their switchboard using a "white label" version of Telephone Vox, that is, a website that does not bear our name, but yours! You're the one who sells and you're the one who makes money while Telephone Vox produces for you. Accessible from a third level of the "" domain, the website shows the logo of your business, which you can upload in the CONFIGURATION section. Through this WEBSITE, which is YOURS, anyone can buy personalised audio messages for the switchboard. Your customers will pay directly to you using the bank details that you specify in the CONFIGURATION area. The price can be decided by you through the CONFIGURATION area: you can decide to apply your preferred margin in relation to the Telephone Vox public list price. Every time your customer places an order, you will receive an email informing you, with a summary of their details and the specifications of the order. You won't have to do anything. In the "TO BE CONFIRMED" section, you can decide whether to cancel the order, modify it or put it into production. In this latter case, Telephone Vox will invoice it on your behalf at the end of the month. Telephone Vox will produce the messages ordered and deliver them to you only. You can then forward them to the customer or install them directly in their switchboard. Thanks to this system, your customers will never be aware of the official "Telephone Vox" website and instead will browse a simple website that only bears your name.
3nd benefit

We pay you a percentage of what your customers spend ordering directly on our website based on the good news about us that you will spread on our behalf using the following tools that we will place at your disposal:

banners for publishing on your site

discount code to use on our website reserved solely for your customers

personalised Internet address useful for tracking your customers (Example:

By subscribing to the affiliate program, you will have access to a simple control panel from which you can access the tools and monitor the total commissions that will be paid to you at the end of the quarter. We assign you an identification discount code that will allow us to pay you the commission for all customers who have used it.
NB: We will even pay commission on all orders that follow after the first!
We know how difficult it is to bring in visitors. Our company allows you to earn money on every order made by your website's visitors. If we earn, you earn too. Forever.
4rd benefit

We believe strongly in networking. For this reason we are committed to putting potential customers in touch with our affiliates. We receive dozens of requests for information every year from customers who require the service of the "uploading to memory" of audio messages on their own switchboards. These are important contacts that, for the affiliate, can often translate into concrete business opportunities. In this way we ensure the customer receives the best level of service and that the affiliates have real possibilities of developing new opportunities.
5th benefit

We've created APIs that allow you to request and receive our personalised audio message recording services thus avoiding exchange requests via email. In this way, your resources will not be overloaded. With our API, you can create a form on your e-commerce platform enabling the customer to sort messages for his/her switchboard while staying on the same platform. Our latest demo voice and musical tracks will always be available on your site. Here you will find more info about and the user guide for APIs.

How it works

This affiliate program requires a fee to TELEPHONE VOX equal to £ 63.90 plus VAT for the first year and £ 29.82 plus VAT for the renewal of each subsequent year. This latter amount will not be due if, in the previous 12 months, the AFFILIATE placed at least one order on the TELEPHONE VOX website, accumulated commissions, or generated orders through the white label.

You must be registered in order to put your name forward.


If you have already used our services then you are already registered.

FAQs - Affiliate Program

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