TelephoneVox protects its customers on copyright

Beware of those recording studios that do not display the licence number and do not mention the issue of copyright; they may not be compliant and expose you customers to big trouble! Many recording studios that offer messages for switchboard and voicemails not only do not have the right to resell protected music but have not even acquired the rights for dissemination of the hold music they sell you as “copyright-free”!

We remind you that supplying audio products without a licence is tantamount to divulging material in an “illegal” way and can create problems for both the company and their customer who use telephone audio messages for switchboards.

Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to know if the company producing the audio hold or “office closed” or other messages has the necessary permits; there are various factors to be evaluated and usually the body recommends its licensees to display the license number in all cases, insofar as those who do not display it may not have a licence.

TelephoneVox has a rare agreement for its own “royalty free” music bases, signed with a music label of professional musicians, which frees all final buyers from the obligation of subscribing to be able to disseminate the works on their telephone lines and switchboards!

Anyone who chooses a musical backing track from those present on our website can rest assured that they have no rights to fulfil, given that we take care of everything.

We are very keen on transparency and protecting our customers, and that’s why TelephoneVox displays its licence number in the footer of the website and in its invoices, so that anyone can have the guarantee of legality in terms of copyright.

If you have any doubts about this, you can contact us at [email protected]

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