GDPR and the Privacy audio message for Customer Care

Many of you have certainly heard of inbound Customer Care, but few will have gone into it in depth. Today, this article will attempt to explain what it is in a very simple way and what privacy obligations it is necessary to comply with. You will certainly be wondering what you have to do with their obligations, but what if we told you that almost all our companies have an in-house Inbound Customer Care service without even knowing it?! That would surely change things!

But what exactly is it then? Quite simply it is the set of multiple activities within the company that make it possible to answer customer questions and solve problems. Simply put, we can also consider Customer Care any service provided by telephone aimed at providing information about a product or service offered to customers or potential customers.
To give you a trivial example, the answers given by a pizzeria, a bar, a perfume shop, etc. are also comparable to those provided by Inbound Customer Care; in fact, this exercise is also recognised in these companies.

After discovering that most, if not all, companies have inbound customer care, we must be aware of the legal obligations regarding privacy.

We should specify that with the entry into force of the new European GDPR regulation (from 25 May 2018), Privacy regulations have to be updated and probably also the audio privacy message of your switchboard, because it is now mandatory to inform your calling users, providing them with greater details, such as how their data will be treated, what rights they have, etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly what should be the correct text of the audio messages to be installed in your switchboard in order to comply with the GDPR because this depends very much on the commodity sector of the company. For this reason, we strongly recommend the advice of an expert lawyer.

After the consulting phase, you will be able to become compliant by updating the Privacy documents and, if necessary, also the audio message of your switchboard. If you wish a quote for recording a new privacy message in accordance with GDPR rules you can click here.

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