Switchboard or voicemail?

What is the difference between a voicemail and a switchboard? What do I need for my company? This is a doubt that those not accustomed to technology often face. But no problem, we are here to help you! Let’s start by explaining what a telephone switchboard is and what a voicemail is; in this way we’ll explain which audio messages are provided by each of these devices.


This has a very simple function, made available by a traditional physical device or even by cloud software, i.e. virtual (these are the cases in which the secretary is there but not seen). It should be clarified immediately that with a voicemail you can obtain only one thing: welcome the caller with a message of non-availability that allows him/her to leave a message after the beep. This message is often called an office closed message. So forget the waiting music, the welcome message, the IVR message (“press 1 for …, press 2 for …). The voicemail therefore has a minimal basic function, which can also be used easily by small-scale economic activities such as one-person companies, small professional firms, homes or private telephone numbers.


This has a much more structured function made available by a traditional physical or cloud/virtual device. Thanks to a switchboard you not only can benefit from the typical office closed message also provided by a voicemail, but you can enjoy many other audio customisations and functions. For example, the switchboard allows you to welcome the caller with a welcome message that intervenes before making your phone ring. This is the message that usually says “Thank you for calling xyz!“; then with an IVR message you can allow the caller to select the extension of the person/department to talk to (“Press 1 to talk to the sales office, press 2 to talk to the purchasing department, etc.“) and to put the caller on hold while your phone starts ringing or while you free yourself from another conversation (you do this with a classic hold message with background music that usually says something like “Please hold the line, in the meantime we recommend visiting our website … etc.”.

In short, as you will have understood, the differences are obvious. Choose a voicemail if you just need a message of non-availability or absence (also called office closed message), choose a switchboard instead if you want to pamper the customer with a much more professional and structured phone experience.

Finally, remember that with TelephoneVox.com you can order the recording of your professional messages by choosing the voice of your preferred speaker and the music base you like best, and if you need advice on which switchboard or voicemail to buy… ask our expert for help; you will find all our contact details on the ABOUT US page of our website.

Have fun with your switchboard or voicemail!

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